Often Asked Questions

Am I Able to Book an Event With Casino Night San Antonio?

Yes, you can book an event with us! You must pay 50 percent of the total party cost at the time you book the event and the other 50 percent when you arrive.

Is There an Age Requirement for the Party Guests Attending the Event?

There is no age requirement, for we want our guests to enjoy themselves at the event booked. You can have any age group that you desire as your guests.

Are Casino Themed Parties in San Antonio, TX Indeed Legal?

Absolutely! Actual gambling with real money is not involved. We only use chips with the games that are being played. The chips, that the guests win, will be turned in for raffle tickets at the end of the party in order to win prizes from us. Please contact us with any questions regarding the casino theme.

What Takes Place at the Casino Parties?

At our casino parties, we will play games that are similar to those in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Atlantic City. At the beginning of the party, we will provide a certain number of starter chips to all of the guests. They will get to play games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold-em, Roulette, and slot machines. No real money is needed. After the party, the chips will be turned in for raffle tickets. This gives the guests an opportunity to win prizes!

Is There A Set Time Frame With Casino Parties?

Each party is going to be provided with three hours to play the games. This way all of the guests at the party can have an opportunity to earn chips. If you are needing to change the time or go over a schedule, we can work with you. We do have to factor in time for the party to be set-up and cleaned-up, as well as actual playing time.

Are We Suppose to Provide Tips?

It is not a requirement to tip, however tips are permitted.

What is the Time Frame for Set-up and Breakdown of the Equipment?

The time frame is going to depend on the schedule that we set with you. We want to ensure we are working with a time that will work best for you. Our set-up process usually takes an hour and is done before the guests arrive. Our dealers will come to the party fifteen minutes before the party time starts. The breakdown of the equipment will take place after the party time has ended.


Corey Boman - Edgewood

Our company christmas party was a huge success to you guys. We really appreciate your staff working within our schedule. They were professional and even entertaining. All of staff members were involved and getting along great, which is not an easy task with some of the employees we have. Truly a class act organization.